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"Rita, Janice, Chris .... MAGNIFICENT! Food, staff...I appreciate ALL of your help and your style and your professionalism. Your staff as always was wonderful despite the newness of faces for me. One comment from a woman from NYC, very wealthy (incredibly so as a matter of fact) standing at the table eating and viewing "this food is wonderful, GREAT caterers!". The joke was between my sister-in-law and myself was "if Joan likes them they MUST be more fabulous than WE think! Thank you for everything."


About Us & Press

  • Established in 1992 we are a small town, home grown Bistro and Caterer nestled in the middle of farmland and the waters of Westport Point.

About The Westporter
In 1992, we decided to open the Westporter. We started by offering a full range of specialty foods, but our ambition was to bring beautiful, fresh, seasonal food to our community. Westport is nestled amongst Southern New England’s beaurtiful farms and coastal treasures, allowing us to forage a seasonal bounty and create nourishing and elegant meals. Food design with flavors that delight the palette and comfort the soul.

Drawing inspiration from chef’s like Alice Waters, farm to table has been our philosophy since our inception. Over the years, as our team has grown and our reputation has established, we continue to offer a select, hand-crafted menu, delicious wine and drinks,¬†artisan catering, and a warm and inviting space for friends and strangers alike.